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Newport 1665


Wrekin White

Wrekin White is named after the Wrekin hill which is a prominent and well-known landmark, it rises 1335 feet above the Shropshire Plain. Though it has never been a volcano, The Wrekin is largely formed from volcanic rocks - once ashes and lava. There is an Iron Age hill fort on the summit almost eight hectares in size.

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Wrekin White

Matured for a minimum of 3 months, it is smooth, creamy and dotted with eyelets. Its nutty flavour and fruity aroma develops with age. The natural rind is brushed with local rapeseed oil to aid maturation.


Tastes Like

Texture: Smooth, Firm†

Taste: Nutty, Creamy

Aroma: Fruity

Origin: Raw cows milk

Colour: Natural†


British Cheese Gold Award
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